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NEEAAReSt and Dearest: Bark The Herald Angels Sing

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Dear NEEAARest and Dearest: Imagine hundreds of dogs dressed in their festive finest. Imagine cozy streets lined with cheering crowds passing out treats as a parade of dogs passes by. Imagine dogs entering and exiting bars and having their names spoken like bar regulars. This is the Reindog scene. When I lived in Cincinnati,  I attended several Reindog Parades with …

The Real Meaning of Christmas: Lessons from a 4 Year-Old

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I interviewed my best friend Tahra’s 4 year-old son Eustace via Skype Saturday morning. Tahra and I had talked about the way she and her husband are trying to teach Eustace about the real meaning of Christmas. Our conversation got me thinking about the questions I have about Christmas. So, I thought it might be helpful to ask Eustace. He …