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The Ebook Transformation

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“You have to have an ebook” is the message I keep hearing from from people across the independent publishing world. Ebooks account for 20 percent of the book market in 2011- and that figure is up 10 percent in one year. Amazon launched the Kindle Fire to compete with the iPad. Many publishers have started creating both ebook and print …

Advice From An Independent Publishing Coach

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I completed a virtual writing course called Author 2.0. I found the course on The Creative Penn, one of the 2010 Best Writing Blogs on Write to Done – one of my favorite blogs for writers. The course involved learning about everything a writer needs to know to succeed in the rapidly changing publishing world. The Creative Penn is Joanna …

Fountain Square – Part I

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    I live about 4 blocks from the heart of downtown Cincinnati – Fountain Square. Several nights a week I eat down there. When people come to visit, we walk down there. When there are events, I often go. Different types of music fill the air every night of the week. People protesting the Syrian government stand alongside people …

An Open Letter to Eric Schneiderman

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Dear Attorney General Schneiderman, In these dark times where political courage is as hard to find as modesty in the Playboy Mansion, you are taking an important and difficult stand. As someone who was swept away in the sea of Hope and Change in 2008, my faith in my country has been shaken by an unwillingness to respect the rule …