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The Epic Life: Rejecting Isolation, Shame, And Fear

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To live an epic life is to find ways to connect your seemingly small existence to some bigger truth, some deeper meaning. It’s to use your life as a door that opens onto the human condition; to understand that what plagues you, plagues others. What brings you joy, brings joy to others. – Justine Musk

A Birthday Wish For Benigna

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Dear spirit of gentle compassion. Look at your toes. Count them. Move them slowly one by one. They are connected to your feet on which you will walk the earth and feel the ground. Stay connected to your toes. They are beautiful and an object of balance. Never let them forget the cool sensation of morning dew in the grass, …

Flying Pig Friday: Volume IX

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I am a Flying Pig finisher. The training and preparation that started several months ago paid off. I completed the race in two hours and 57 minutes. About 1,200 people finished the race after me. I was in the top 50 percent of my age group. The Flying Pig was my fifth half marathon. Writing about the race feels like …