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The Kiwi Sheep Farmer

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  I was sitting in Los Angeles International Airport at a table within a bar with my laptop open writing away when a beyond handsome man approached and asked me what I was working on in the most delicious accent I have ever heard. With eyes the color of sapphires and graying temples, he offered me a beer. (I did …

Flying Pig Friday: Volume V

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This training update is all about metal and breath. Finding metal. Learning to breathe. I logged 15 miles (4 runs) and practiced yoga 4 times last week. I has been frigid. It has been snowing. It has been icy. It has been windy. I have geared up and gone out there anyway. In 3 months, I will be running 13 …

Flying Pig Friday: Volume IV

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Training this week has brought a great deal of reflection. I have navigated age, travel and my average (at best) fitness level. I suppose that is the trick of the whole training thing, especially at 41. (If fighting a cold was last week’s challenge, then this week was about training within limits.) I ran three times and practiced yoga twice. Four …