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Finding My Shine In Brooklyn

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A few months ago a handsome stranger told me that I shine. (I melted like butter in the sun at hearing those words.) I believe he saw something in me that I did not even see in myself.  Those words stuck with me. Shining, radiating an inner beauty, is central to how I want to live. Recently, I have not …

Clean Living: A Week Three Summary of the Experience

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I finished the 21 day Clean Program on Friday. After one week of detox and three of cleansing, I feel great beyond description. I did not anticipate the way in which taking control of food would make me feel so powerful and positive. Yes, I have lost weight (about 8 pounds), but the most important piece of the puzzle is …

Clean Living: Week Two Realizations

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I felt like a rock star my second week on the Clean Program. My energy level sky rocketed. My attitude was positive. I slept better (even though my dreams are more vivid, which has been kinda great). Cravings? What are those? I have gotten crazy experimental with my blender. I am finding clean shake recipes that make my taste buds …

Clean Living: Detox Hell and Week One Triumph

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Last Friday I started the Clean Program. The Clean Program is a 21 day cleanse designed to build healthy lives through a mindful connection to food. After 5 days of  an “elimination diet,” I started a shake and supplement ritual. The elimination diet meant that I would immediately stop drinking alcohol and caffeine. The elimination diet meant no tomatoes, bananas, …