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Flying Pig Friday: Volume II

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Several training milestones occurred this week. The Friday I registered for the race and after I wrote Flying Pig Friday Volume I, I went to my first “Vinyasa and Vino” at my yoga studio. Every Friday my studio hosts a vinyasa class followed by music and wine. Ten or so people took the class and stayed to socialize that evening. …

Flying Pig Friday: Volume I

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This is Volume I of what will be a series of weekly posts chronicling my preparation for the Flying Pig Half Marathon. I figure writing about my training will keep me honest. A few months ago I started running again. I had spent most of 2011 training for the Seattle Half Marathon which was the weekend after Thanksgiving of 2011. …

Christmas When You Are Single

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Imagine hundreds of dogs dressed in their festive finest. Imagine cozy streets lined with cheering crowds passing out treats as a parade of dogs passes by. Imagine dogs entering and exiting bars and having their names spoken like bar regulars. This is the Reindog scene. Yesterday I attended my second Reindog Parade with a group of friends who have been …

The Christmas Card I Did Not Send

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I apologize friends and family. I did not send a Christmas card this year. I love to receive cards and letters from from friends and family. I even love to read the cards and letters my parents receive. I love to catch up with friends old and new. I appreciate being in touch with friends from along life’s winding path. …