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Thank You Maxine Greene

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Dear Dr. Steedly, Belatedly, I thank you for your generous letter, and, more than that, for the opportunity to read your beautiful, scholarly dissertation. It is not only the overlap of our commitments. It is the authenticity of your “class notes”; and it is the delicacy and skill with which you present the nuances of classroom life and the actuality …

There’s No Going Home

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You can get there from here, though there’s no going home. Natasha Trethewey In her poem, Theories of Time and Space, United States Poet Laureate Natasha Trethewey describes her experience going home to Gulfport, Louisiana. Trethewey’s words make me think about what it means to go home. Having lived in the far corners of the United States, being home has …

NEEAAReSt and Dearest: A Thanksgiving Prayer

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May you know life’s abundance, bounty, prosperity, and fullness. May you have clarity of purpose and vision toward your work. May you be healthy. May you create, often. May you laugh, often. May you forgive, often. May ritual follow your years. May you find value in success and failure. May you find beauty in sunshine and rain. May you see …