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NEAARESt and Dearest: Zero Birthdays

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Dear NEAARESt and Dearest, I love birthdays. I love reading birthday cards, eating birthday cake, and blowing out birthday candles. Birthdays are a chance to look back, look around, and look ahead. I have always loved birthdays. My birthday falls near several family members’ birthdays, so our birthdays always felt like an on going celebration. Presents were not the point. …

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Turn to Lightness: A Gratitude Conversation with Dr. Mary Lee Webeck

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Dr. Mary Lee Webeck is director of education at Holocaust Museum Houston and director of the museum’s Warren Fellowship for Future Teachers program. This professional development program for teachers in training brings pre-service teachers to the museum for an intense study of the content and pedagogy necessary to teach about the Holocaust and other genocides. Until December 2008, Dr. Webeck …