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The Unspeakable Gift

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2014 Dateline Award Winner, Editorial, “The Unspeakable Gift”, Washingtonian Magazine, award presented by the Society of Professional Journalists, Washington, DC A review of “The Unspeakable Gift“ “Katie Steedly’s first-person piece is a riveting retelling of her participation in a National Institutes of Health study that aided her quest to come to grips with her life of living with a rare …

NEARESt and deArest: Emma Schmidt Briggs

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I am the grand daughter of Emma Briggs. I was blessed to be loved by her, and by all my grandparents. I wish there was a word that could adequately describe how I feel when I think back over my grandparents’ love. Fortunate. Grateful. Treasured. A grandparent’s love is unique, and fierce, and joyful. It is delivered without judgement or …

Gratitude In The Dark

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“Who is the enemy?” asks Richard Greenleaf. This question came up in my interview with David Sawyer, and it frames this issue of the gratitude newsletter. These times are rife with enemies. Corruption. Poverty. Injustice. War. Genocide. Environmental degradation. Disease. There are many real enemies to fight. There are many reasons to retreat into helplessness, anger, sadness, and fear. There …