My Hidden Vision Board

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I believe in vision boards. I believe in our power to create the life we want. I believe clarity of vision sees us through challenge and adversity. I believe our ability to create and sustain a vision manifests our dreams.

I made a vision board with a friend a few years ago. We gathered magazines, glue sticks, and poster board and got to work. I am not a visual artist, so creating in a visual medium was definitely a stretch. For several hours, we focused on creating our vision boards with no real plan. We just let them emerge. Vision boards can be focused on whatever you choose. Financial prosperity. Workplace goals. Relationships. Health. Our vision boards were colorful, unique, and meaningful. Cindy’s was a testament to motorcycles and edge. Mine was a conceptually frilly ode to relationships. I immediately framed my vision board and carefully hung it on my bedroom wall.

My vision board has traveled with me through several moves. It has always remained on my wall wherever I have lived. It has been a constant reminder of what I want to create in my life. A beautiful home. Loving relationships. A healthy body and mind. Lotus flowers, yoga postures, ripped abs, dragonflies, a kitchen with the capacity to cook amazing meals, and wedding dresses joyfully mingle in this picture of the life I am creating. The visibility and presence of a vision board is a central part of its purpose. My vision board is a snap shot of what I want, and a marker of how I am moving toward my vision.

A few months ago, I took my vision board off my bedroom wall and hid it behind my dresser. I had wedged it where it could not be seen. My vision board remained behind my dresser until a few days ago. I have now placed it back on my wall.

I have learned a few things in dusting off my vision board:

  • Do not hide your vision.

Fear lead me to hide my vision board. Fear of rejection. Fear of failure. Fear of judgment. Making a vision board is an act of faith that stands against fear and doubt. Making a vision public is an act of courage. Hiding my vision board exemplifies how scary it can be for me to ask for what I want. I hope I am always strong enough to ask for what I want in all areas of my life. I must keep my vision front and center.

  • The fundamental elements of your vision do not change.

I made my vision board several years ago. In looking at it today, I realize the fundamental elements are consistent. My vision has not changed in the face of transition, small failures, and occasional victories. Time has confirmed my vision. Perhaps my vision has been clarified. Perhaps age has provided a deeper understanding of home, health, and relationships. Perhaps I have learned how different pieces of my vision fit together. Today I know my core vision is solid.

  • Surround yourself with people who support your vision

Not everyone believes in vision boards. Not everyone buys the notion that we move closer to building the life we want when we visualize and create representations of our vision. Not everyone is safe and supportive when a vision is shared. Sometimes people don’t care. Sometimes people are so caught up in their own world that they don’t listen. I have not always surrounded myself with people who support the vulnerable parts of me that talk about my vision. Just as I will seek loving supporters, I will be mindful to support others when they share their vision.

  • A vision requires commitment

Being guided by vision requires commitment. Showing up is important. Actually doing the things that manifest my vision, step-by-step is important. Staying close to vision in the face of day-to-day distraction and derailment requires focus. Keeping an open heart after perceived failure and disappointment can be tough. The big ticket items of life require no less than my heart.


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