Monumental Monday: Vol. III

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The race is 12 days away.

Since I registered for the race in September, I have logged many miles and done many yoga classes.  I have spent many hours training.

I have also been involved in two presentations at a national conference in Washington D.C., written three evaluation reports, conducted 5 site visits across the state of Ohio, and celebrated my 42nd birthday. Most importantly, I am now in a relationship. Life is good. Life is happening to me. Life happens to us all as we try to live healthy and active lives. With or without children. With or without big jobs. With or without big social lives.

This post is about what all this means for my training regimen. Perhaps it is also about what it means to try to find balance between healthy living and a hectic schedule, in general.

  • My blog has suffered as I have tried to fit everything in.

As evidenced by the frequency of my posts this month, I am not blogging as much as I have in the past. I could blame my workload. I could blame my boyfriend. I could blame my travel schedule. But, that would not be altogether true. My blogging has suffered because I have gotten out of the habit of blogging. I have gotten out of the habit of dedicating time to blogging everyday. I have gotten out of the habit of keeping an editorial schedule that outlines what I want to say and when I will say it. I have gotten out of the habit of reading my favorite blogs to keep up with what others are saying. One week without a post stretched in to two weeks, stretched in to three weeks. So, this is my effort to get back up on the blogging horse.

  • Consistency is key

Showing up is the most important part of training. Making it to a yoga class. Running throughout the week and completing a long run on the weekend is essential to building toward race day. I have not been as consistent as I have needed to be when I consult the training calendar I purport to follow. The whole process is easier when I just show up, and sometimes simply showing up is hard. Consistency might look like developing a habit, but I think it looks more like ritual to me. I have written about the ritual involved in training in a previous update. Finding ritual is the cornerstone of consistency, for me.

  • I make time for things that are important.

I am not unique in that I make time for things that are important. I strategize, prioritize, compartmentalize, and multitask my way in to doing the things I care about. Most people do that, I think. My relationship is a priority. My work is a priority. My family is a priority. Training is a priority. I have been able to work in long runs around the edges of my weekends. I am back to blogging and scheduling (and completing) more short runs. I will be visiting family several times in the next month. Making time for important things is a work in progress.

  • I make time for things that I enjoy.

I am not unique in that I make time for things that I enjoy. As I get in better shape, I enjoy running more. Practicing yoga makes running more fun. Running simply feels better now. I continue to find more joy than I can explain in my relationship. I find it easier to actually do things that I enjoy. That might seem obvious, but it is a truth that continues to reveal itself to me. To a certain extent, I think the key to sustainability is enjoyment, and the key to enjoyment is consistency. So, the key to meeting my training goals is continuing to do the things I enjoy.

  • I am getting a little nervous.

As race day nears, I am getting nervous. The last few miles on my long runs have been tough. I have done two 10 mile runs in which miles 7-10 have been kinda painful. My head has been noisy. My hips have hurt. I have wondered if I will have enough hay left in the barn, to borrow a phrase from a past coach, to finish strong on race day. Logically, I know I will be fine. I know I will be filled with adrenaline on the actual day, but I still wonder. In the time between now and race day I will continue to do what I know to do. I will follow the schedule that has grown a bit dusty the last few weeks. I will train when I need to train and rest when I need to rest during the final push. I will show up ready to go race day.


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  1. Lois Rodgers

    YOU are amazing! Congratulations on all of your adventures. We enjoy reading about Katie, the wonderful addition to our lives!
    Hugs, Lois and Jack

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