Flying Pig Friday: Volume III

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I rose above a wicked cold last week. My chest tightened, nose ran, voice weakened, and energy waned. I focused on drinking water and sleeping. I went to work. I did yoga. I only ran on Sunday (before I felt awful) and Thursday and Saturday (after I had rallied). Weeks like this are about staying in the game while/by taking care of myself. Staying healthy is a challenge of training.

A training highlight occurred last Saturday. I attended a three-hour yoga retreat entitled “New Year. New You.”

The retreat included movement, writing, and yoga. The stated purpose was to set our intention for the new year. A small group of 10 to 12 people participated. It was held in the same space in which we practice. There were two retreat leaders. One of the leaders lead the movement and writing, while the other guided a yoga exercise. The day opened with one of the leaders sharing what she called her, “wellness journey.” Her wellness journey started with her childhood and continued through her current experience. (It was interesting to think about the entirety of my life as having a bearing on my current wellness.) We were then asked to write the answer to three I questions: I am, I am not, I want. We took a few minutes to respond to any or all of the questions. I wrote that I am grateful. I wrote that I am not the sum of mistakes. I wrote that I want to be a better daughter, friend, sister and aunt. We then read our responses allowed. A collaborative poem was then written, and eventually shared, using phrases from our responses. Our poem was followed by several movement activities. We then practiced yoga. The day ended with writing our intentions on notes that would be sent to us sometime in the near future, to remind us of that day.

Another training highlight from the week was buying new running shoes with my mom and dad.

My father has been a runner for more than 30 years. He has encouraged me to run since before the day I decided to start training for the San Diego Marathon in 2000. He bought me my first running shoes. He continues to buy my running shoes to show his support. It has become a ritual. We buy our shoes together. This Saturday was no different. We walked into the shoe shop. (This time my mom came along and bought walking shoes as well.) We answered lots of questions about our running history and patterns asked by the diligent salesman. Our sales history was checked in the computer. Our feet were meticulously measured. We tried on many pairs of shoes. There was something important about buying shoes with my parents. They have always supported my fitness goals. My dad has run 3 half marathons and a full marathon with me. My mom was at the marathon finish. I think they buy my shoes because they believe in me. It has become a ritual that I deeply appreciate. I am not sure if they will be at the Pig finish in person, but I know they will be crossing the line with me in spirit.

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