Clean Living: Week Two Realizations

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9394804_sI felt like a rock star my second week on the Clean Program. My energy level sky rocketed. My attitude was positive. I slept better (even though my dreams are more vivid, which has been kinda great). Cravings? What are those? I have gotten crazy experimental with my blender. I am finding clean shake recipes that make my taste buds say thank you. Even the whites of my eyes are brighter. I feel more in control of my life than I have in a long time.

Eating out has been an interesting experience on the Clean Program. On several occasions, I have eaten before meeting people, or been very particular when ordering. (At several meals, I only drank water.) Each event gave me the opportunity to think through my past food choices, and to publicly “try on” clean living. I wanted to see if I missed some foods. I truly love to eat out, and I thought that if I could manage to eat out while on the cleanse it would be no problem to live cleanly when the rules don’t apply. In general, menus have clean options (or items that could be cleanly prepared) and wait staff are completely accommodating. The logistics of eating out have been easy to navigate.

Friends and family have been supportive, for the most part. I was curious to find out if people would think I was a freak for cleansing. Outside of a few jokes about grapes and spinach, and a few comments about the dangers of cleansing, things have been alright. My family has not given me grief for drinking a shake before heading to a big breakfast and only drinking water at the meal. My co-workers have understood when I have passed up group lunches at the Indian restaurant next to campus. It has just taken a bit of flexibility and planning. I have learned a great deal about the way in which my friends and family either support (and/or complicate) my clean choices.

Is two weeks too soon to think about the external visibility of the changes I am feeling on the inside? Will people notice? My friend Esther glowed during week 2 of the Clean Program. (I swear.) I want to glow just like her. I had made it through the awfulness of detox, and taken supplements with each meal for two weeks which is a bit of a task. I want to shine. I guess this is where I have to think about the real reason I am cleansing. To feel better. To take control. To ease anxiety. To learn my food limits. To be less hungry both physically and spiritually. To build a healthier life starting with food. Losing weight has been a welcome aspect of the cleanse, but not the primary reason I made this choice. (I am now down from 139 to 132.) It is about being mindful. No one has really said much about how I look. My mother remarked that I look great, but other than that people have been kinda quiet. I have simply felt better on the inside. As I look to week three, I am thinking about strategies to build on this good energy.





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