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Writing Living Wide-Awakeness: Getting/Keeping A Gratitude Newsletter Going

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I started working on my first gratitude newsletter in July of 2016. The tone of the 2016 Presidential campaign inspired me to create something positive in the world. I needed to share hope, not fear. I needed to share tolerance, not hate. I needed to share peace, not war. I immediately started contacting people to contribute to the work. I …

Writing Advice

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I have been seeking writing advice for a long time. Asking questions about writing came easy as the daughter of an English and reading teacher. Questions started early and happened often. Questions became a conversation I could only enter when I would write. Through writing I could sing. Editing and working with words was like rehearsal. Reflecting about writing has …

Sharing My Memoir With A Book Group

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My palms were sweaty as I drove from Cincinnati to Louisville for a discussion of my memoir, The Stage Is On Fire. This would be the first time I would be talking about my memoir with a group of people who had read it. I had spoken with readers individually about bits and pieces. Fellow writers had critiqued parts of …