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Change is Changing: A Conversation With David Sawyer

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David Sawyer is a strategy guy for a better world, specializing in networks, design, and systems thinking. He is active across all sectors and has played key roles in a variety of fields including education reform, national service, social entrepreneurship, empowerment of women and girls, venture philanthropy, and environmental preservation. KSC:   What are some things you are grateful for? DS:   …

Gratitude Newsletter: Gratitude In The Dark

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Whether through the arts, leadership development, or teaching, the contributors to this newsletter live lives waged against the enemy. They challenge themselves daily to live their lives creatively, to inspire compassion and love, and to be present to beauty, even when their own lights flicker. They are examples of what gratitude looks like today. Sometimes gratitude looks like a circus …

The Day After Mother’s Day

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I am a bit ashamed to admit it, but every year I look forward to the day after Mother’s Day. I am glad when the fact I have not given birth is no longer front and center in my mind. In some ways, Mother’s Day is like high school cheerleading tryouts when I did not make the squad, or like …