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Seth Godin’s Udemy Freelancer Course: Make A Timeline Exercise

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A final exercise in Seth Godin’s Course is to make a project timeline. A few reflections about the course before I share my timeline: Explore Your Voice. Build From What Makes You Unique. Share. Share. Share. Pay Attention To What Works For Others and Tailor It To Your Strategy. Cause a Ruckus. Wide-Awakeness Timeline: 3rd Quarter 2016: Establish blog, facebook writer …

Seth Udemy’s Freelancer Course: Leveraging Content

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5 blog topics your market would find surprising, insightful, provocative, useful. Embracing your story Living authentically Loving completely Practicing gratitude Serving others 5 blog topics they are sick of reading about (are you writing about these?). Consumerism Narrow definitions of beauty, religion, sexuality, and family Anything that supports violence Celebrity Anti-Intellectualism

Seth Udemy’s Freelancer Course: Organize and Connect

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How and what can you organize and connect? Leading thinkers write, live, and talk about happiness, mindfulness, joy, meditation, spirituality, and self-care. An organic, philosophical, psychological, and artful combination of ideas currently exists. Leading thinkers talk to one another in their specific worlds, and occasionally talk to one another across their specific worlds. More and more intentional, meaningful, substantial connection …

Seth Godin Udemy Freelancer Course: Develop A Unique Voice

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I am continuing to work my way through Godin’s Udemy Freelancer Course. Godin’s philosophy centers on the idea that success stems from the ability to find and share your unique voice, to know and act on what makes your work unmistakeable, and to allow your core to drive your creative process and business strategy. This makes sense to me. If …