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NEEAAReSt and Dearest: Paying It Forward

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Dear NEEAAReSt and Dearest, I have been thinking about the idea of paying it forward lately. Paying it forward is when we give to others from the space of gratitude for what we have been given, because we are deeply connected to one another. I am not sure when and where I first learned about paying it forward. Maybe it …

NEEAAReSt and Dearest: A (Kinda) Ode to Winter

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Dear NEEAAReSt and Dearest, I want to write an Ode to Winter. I have written about Summer. I have written about Fall. (I will eventually write about Spring.) Living in a place where seasons take on the beauty of a tropical embrace, I miss Winter. If I were a poet I might construct some metered verse about snowflakes and long nights and …

Best of NEEAAReSt and Dearest 2017

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On Mother’s Day of 2017, I decided to start writing a weekly post dedicated to the young people in my family (Natalie, Emma, Ella, Allen, Ryan, and Sarah), NEEAAReSt and Dearest. In writing the posts, I realize everything I write is a because-I-want-them-to-have-happy-loving-healthy-and-independent-adult-lives ode. They are between 10 and 20 years old. I have written in my voice, the only …