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Radical Gratitude

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Kindness is radical gratitude. Kindness is simple acts. Kindness is wholeness. Kindness is presence. Kindness is connection. Kindness is love. Looking across and within the interviews included in this gratitude newsletter, the flower of grateful living blooms from kindness. Ferial Pearson founded Secret Kindness Agents to create and encourage kindness and compassion in our world. Pearson shares the Navajo story …

Gratitude In The Dark

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“Who is the enemy?” asks Richard Greenleaf. This question came up in my interview with David Sawyer, and it frames this issue of the gratitude newsletter. These times are rife with enemies. Corruption. Poverty. Injustice. War. Genocide. Environmental degradation. Disease. There are many real enemies to fight. There are many reasons to retreat into helplessness, anger, sadness, and fear. There …