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Our Nature Revealed: My Gratitude Interview With Rachel Roberts

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Rachel Roberts is a yogini, writer, betterment coach, and entrepreneur. In 2008, Rachel left her home in the United States to travel the world through yoga; studying under great yogis throughout Europe and Asia. She currently owns two yoga studios in Cincinnati. She leads Bija Yoga School. She conducts workshops and international retreats, and has been a featured teacher at yoga …

Change is Changing: A Gratitude Conversation With David Sawyer

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David Sawyer is a strategy guy for a better world, specializing in networks, design, and systems thinking. He is active across all sectors and has played key roles in a variety of fields including education reform, national service, social entrepreneurship, empowerment of women and girls, venture philanthropy, and environmental preservation. KSC:   What are some things you are grateful for? DS:   …