The Book

Sick, lonely, overweight, debt-ridden, and politically angry, Katie needed a change. Her intention to create her heart’s desire unfolded in a series of decisions and epiphanies. Going to Italy, India, and Indonesia had already been done. She had to keep her health insurance and use her 4 weeks paid vacation sparingly. Change had to begin right outside her doorstep. After completing her PhD, Katie arrived in Washington, DC and immediately dove into finding a church and feeding her writing habit. Exploring why she wasn’t happy filled her time like treading water—lots of motion with no movement. Why did miserable jobs, failed relationships, and an expanding waistline provide perpetual fodder for conversations? Her therapist had no answers and her favorite barista returned home to France, leaving her without sage counsel. Having her chakras balanced for Valentine’s Day didn’t help.

Results had to happen, but bad bosses, fickle men, sales at her favorite boutiques, crème brulee, and bad genes conspired against her. With the power and finesse of a Spanish bull, she took her deliberate quest to the next level. Katie joined a Unitarian prayer class and enrolled in a Turner Syndrome study at the National Institutes of Health. She traveled to New Zealand to see the sheepherder who stole her heart in a LAX bar. She campaigned for Barack Obama in Indiana. She consolidated her substantial credit card debt, completed a ninety-day yoga challenge, and spoke fluent NCAA while ceaselessly dating.