About Me

I am a seeker, thinker, and writer. I have trekked the Abel Tasman, bathed in the healing waters of Tirta Empul, and run a marathon in search of the “why.” As a woman living with Turner syndrome, I believe every day is a miracle. I have published a memoir and an award-winning essay in the Washingtonian. I have explored the intersection of the arts and sciences in writing for both Blue Man Group and NASA. I received a Ph.D. from the University of Texas at Austin.

My Gratitude List

I am grateful for family. (I define family broadly and inclusively.) My family practices unconditional love. My family teaches me compassion. My family believes in me and builds me up. My family shares my joys and sorrows. My family makes memories with me.

I am grateful for my voice. My voice is honest. My voice is trustworthy. My voice is kind. My voice sings. My voice praises. My voice celebrates. My voice challenges. My voice weeps. My voice smiles. My voice laughs. My voice forgives.

I am grateful for simple things. Mornings. Caffeine. Brie. Soft Socks. Vanilla Candles. Sushi. Rainbows. Musicals. Memoirs. Art. Red Peppers. Seasons. Irises. Mashed Potatoes. Butterflies. Five String Banjo. Whales on the San Juan’s. Watermelon in July. La Guernica. John Prine. Key West Sunsets. A Cat’s Purr. The Smell of Fresh Laundry. Science.

I am grateful for life. Each breath builds opportunity. Each failure strengthens my will to improve. Each success reminds me of the need for humility. Each connection teaches me about loving kindness.