About Me

I am a seeker, thinker, and writer. Writing has been an integral part of my career. As a program evaluator for major educational and cultural institutions such as the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, I have written policy briefs, peer reviewed articles, white papers, evaluation reports, blog posts, and conference presentations. As an author, I have published a memoir and an award-winning essay published in the Washingtonian. I received a Ph.D. from the University of Texas at Austin. My dissertation focused on wide-awakeness in the high school drama classroom. My Wide-Awakeness Project, which started with my dissertation, continues.

13 Things I Have Never Told You

(adapted from a writing exercise suggested by Corbett Barr)

  1. I moved 17 times between the ages of 18-44. I have lived in Indiana, Washington State, Texas, Washington D.C., Ohio, and Florida.
  2. I attended a yoga retreat in Bali. While in Bali, I visited a Balinese healer, bathed in healing water of Tirta Empul, hiked through rice terraces, and celebrated Nyepi.
  3. My essay, The Unspeakable Gift, was published in the Washingtonian and won the Dateline Award presented by the Society of Professional Journalists.
  4. I hung sheet rock in Big Ugly Creek, West Virginia during the same weekend I was thrown from a raft on the New River.
  5. I am fascinated by the Harlem Renaissance and Coco Chanel.
  6. I quit my job, got married, and moved to Miami from Cincinnati all in a one month period in 2015.
  7. I wrote my first poem when I was in third grade.
  8. I made a wish on the Southern Cross during a New Zealand adventure.
  9. I ran out of gas outside of Missoula, Montana in the middle of the night after seeing a Russian circus.
  10. Roger Taylor was my favorite member of Duran Duran.
  11. The diamonds on my engagement ring are from my grandmother’s engagement ring. I designed it with my husband.
  12. I had chicken pox the day Elvis died.
  13. I have completed 7 half marathons and one full marathon.