An Open Letter to Eric Schneiderman

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Dear Attorney General Schneiderman,

In these dark times where political courage is as hard to find as modesty in the Playboy Mansion, you are taking an important and difficult stand. As someone who was swept away in the sea of Hope and Change in 2008, my faith in my country has been shaken by an unwillingness to respect the rule of law, both domestically and internationally. Your strength restores my belief in what my country can be.

I can not express enough how much I appreciate your stance against the unfair mortgage settlement. I am not a homeowner. I simply have closely followed the shady process for the last few years. I have wondered why no real effort has been made to investigate the criminal behavior in this situation.

Despite the efforts of complicit Attorney Generals, the Obama Administration, and the banking industry, you are standing strong. Others, like the Nevada Attorney General who is now seeking to actually enforce a previous settlement, can be inspired by your presence in the fight. Your determination to seek what is right for the people of New York is the foundation of all that is good  in our country.

The fact that you have to fight people who are supposed to be allies baffles me. You should be celebrated by people in your party, not strong armed, silenced, and threatened. Seeking justice within a system that protects the interest of the powerful is dangerous business. You stare that danger down. Justice can not happen without true accountability, and you are a force for real accountability. May the winds of safety protect you and your family.

I am not a lawyer, or an economist, or a financial analyst. I have not made millions investing. Perhaps I am not the sharpest tool in the shed. Perhaps I am just lazy. I do have a moral compass that knows right from wrong. Simply stated, what the banks and Wall Street did was wrong. There is no way around it. They knowingly made bad deals. They preyed on vulnerable people. They have fought efforts to make the situation right tooth and nail. Why the silence? Why the double speak? What makes good people do such bad things? Can they seriously believe what they did was not reprehensible? Is it ultimately the fact they have no fear of punishment? Whatever the reason, I want to believe the arc of time that is bending toward justice.

Keep fighting. You are not alone. I will speak out as much as I can. As your efforts continue may there be momentum toward truth. There is great power in courage. Beyond Red and Blue, Right and Left, the guilty must answer for crashing the world economy. That is the only way to make sure it will not happen again. Preventing the continued abuse of the system has to start now. People must have good jobs and safe homes. That cannot happen in a rigged system that rewards criminal behavior.

Thank you for making my country a better place.

Katie Steedly


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