20 Reasons I Voted For Barack Obama

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Dear Mr. President,

Yesterday, I stood in line for two hours to vote for you in Hamilton County, Ohio.

Here are the reasons (this list is not in order of importance):

  1. Universal health care.
  2. A woman’s right to chose.
  3. Social security and medicare.
  4. Ending Citizen’s United.
  5. Everyone must have the right to marry who they love.
  6. Drone planes must stop. Now.
  7. Mass deportation must stop. Now.
  8. Education policy that supports children.
  9. Education policy that stops vilifying teachers.
  10. Unions.
  11. Environmental policy based on science.
  12. Public health policy based on science.
  13. People should be able to stay in their homes instead of being foreclosed upon.
  14. Stop persecuting (and prosecuting) critics and whistle blowers.
  15. Ending unfair tax policy.
  16. Public health policy that supports prevention and treatment.
  17. Early childhood support for all children.
  18. Human rights around the world.
  19. Human rights in the United States.
  20. Transparency in government.

As you move forward toward your next term, please keep this list in mind. From the bottom of my heart, I am praying these things be so.


Katie Steedly


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