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NEEAReST and Dearest: Competition At Its Best

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Dear NEEAReST, I love the Olympics. The back stories. The events. Thinking back, I have always been glued to the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat in the Olympics. I have been watching the Olympics and thinking about competition. I see some problems with competition, yet I still absolutely love to watch. I don’t like the hard nose version of …

Warrior Pose: Understanding Equanimity

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One of my favorite yoga teachers uses the term equanimity to describe warrior pose. In yoga, warrior is a standing posture rooted in presence. I love warrior. I feel powerful in warrior. In warrior, my soft stare fixes my focus. I don’t look before me or behind me, but just beyond my fingertips. I ease into a powerful bend that …

1000 Miles: What Motivates Me To Live a Healthy Life?

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A few days ago my Whole Life Challenge coach asked me question. As I approach the end of my second Whole Life Challenge, after a back-and-forth about a trip to Key West, she asked, “What motivates you to live a healthy life?” That question stopped me in my tracks. In my rush to do the Challenge, to run away from …